Corporate Social Responsibility

We are conviced that sustainability will continue to grow in importance. With a constantly increasing world population we are using ever greater amounts of our natural resources and everyone’s actions are beginning to be called into question. Organizers have constantly been thoughtful about how our actions influence our environment. Sustainability cannot be ensured by a few adjustments but should be regarded as a continuous process that requires constant monitoring.

Our practices are based on the three principles of sustainability: ecology, economy and social action. We strongly believe that a sustainable approach to these three aspects makes a decisive difference to a company.

Our understanding of sustainability is governed by our own corporate values of innovation, quality and individuality. Innovative products and systems are necessary to achieve our goals in respect to sustainability. We believe sustainable living is something that each and every one of our employee contributes to and develops within our organisation.
To us sustainability is not only synonymous with restraint but also with improvement and the cutting of costs.


Economy- Encouraging long lasting professional relationships

Enduring professional relationships guarantee Organizers stability and development. This concerns our own employees as well as our clients and partners. We strive to offer all the necessary conditions for these long lasting relationships by constantly evolving the way we work with others and innovating the service we provide.

Ecology- a respectful approach to the use of our resources

We exercise restraint when determining how and when we use our resources, and all of our employees are proud of their mindful approach to this subject. As technologies and attitudes evolve we adjust our actions accordingly as people and as a company.

Social action- Excellent working conditions and social conscience

Fulfilling the responsibility that Organizers has to its employees and society as a whole means complete transparency, nurturing our employees and holding ourselves accountable to our key stakeholders.


Mid- term:

Through the targeted use of information we aim sensitise our employees and stakeholders and develop our strategies avoid waste, reduce our use of resources, or find sustainable alternatives.


Organizers has established itself as a stable and sustainable organisation within the industry.

What are we doing now?

  • Economy: Encouraging collaborative, long-term partnerships and ensuring quality 
  • Ecology: Avoiding paper waste or excessive printing by working digitally wherever possible, double-sided printing where it is not, providing a watercooler for our employees, choosing other ecologically conscious partners 
  • Social action: communal lunches, team excursions and trips, renovating our office infrastructures, providing our employees with opportunities of further education